Gastonia Housing Authority
Section 8 Waiting Lists


Applicants can check waiting list status by calling 704-675-7677

When calling to check your waiting list status, allow the prompts to finish before you enter your information. Not doing so can result in the keep the system from finding a record of your application.

The Gastonia Housing Authority (GHA) uses a preference system to determine waiting list position. Gaston County residents who are elderly, disabled, or families with children are placed higher on the waiting list than other applicants. In addition, offers for housing must meet Federal regulations regarding income deconcentration. Because of these requirements it is not uncommon for your position on the waiting list to change (become lower). If you believe your waiting list position is not correct, you can email us at Please use the subject line Waiting List Position. If you do not have email you can send us a letter at Gastonia Housing Authority, Attn: Waiting List Position, PO Box 2398, Gastonia, NC 28053. We will respond in writing within 14 business days.